Coffeeshop Physics
by Jim Pivarski

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Tabletop Experiments

The web applet above demonstrates many features of the Magnetodynamics package for the Unity game engine. Magnetodynamics adds magnetic forces and fields to Unity's physics simulation.

The applet takes a few seconds to load if you have the Unity web player. If not, click here to download the plugin.


Most of the objects on the table can be moved with the mouse. Some are permanent magnets and some are attracted by magnets. You can put the magnets on the refrigerator, twist the green field lines, and bend the stream of accelerated particles.


Magnetodynamics contains GameObjects representing magnetic dipoles, magnetizable materials, solenoid fields, and streams of charged particles. You can simulate many of the most visible aspects of magnetism and static electricity this way. See the documentation for all of the details, and click below for more examples.

Tabletop Experiments Van de Graaff Demo Ball magnets Sun and Earth
Flying Wrenches Hovering Magnet Beam through Solenoid Geomagnetism Antimatter in a Penning Trap